Michael Frank


Michael Frank

Michael built roads and infrastructure for 28 years, retiring as Executive Vice President of a heavy highway company (Markham Contracting) in October of 2005 to start Frank Civil Consulting.  At the time, Markham Contracting has 350 employees and performing approximately $200 million dollars’ worth of work across Arizona and Southern Nevada.  Michael attended Arizona State University in 1976 and 1977.  He brings 46 years of experience to his clients with in-depth knowledge of development, site infrastructure construction, asphalt and stormwater maintenance, scheduling, coordination, and management expertise.  Michael speaks nationally for the American Association of Reserve Specialists as well as other local and regional associations (including AACM and CAI).  His clients comment on how Michael has the ability to explain complex issues in layman’s terms which is extremely helpful to understanding issues and problem resolution.  Michaels’ belief is that a Consultant should be a teacher/counselor, sharing his years of experience and knowledge so his clients can make an informed decision based on non-biased factual information.


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